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I hate this website so much shoutout to ppl who deleted

alright forget about that driving into the city shit i found a train route that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg




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I’m currently about 2 hours away from NYC (Manhattan) and, since I have the next 2 weekends free to do whatever, I (and some other students) are driving into the city. This week, it’s just a short day trip - driving in mid-morning, driving out in the evening. Next week, we’re thinking about splitting a hotel room Saturday night so we have lots of time to do stuff. SO!

QUESTION #1: where is a good place to park our car while we are in the city? We want to park at a metro or bus station on the outskirts of town and then commute in so we don’t have to park in Manhattan. here’s our route: 

QUESTION #2: any tips for stuff to do in that kind of time frame? I’m meeting up with agentmyka so we’re looking for something to do/see together. if you have any recommendations that would be cool! This weekend is gonna be the “chill” weekend, I think my classmates and I are probably gonna split up for the day so it’s gonna be relaxed and leisurely. Next weekend we’re going to try to see a show, visit a museum or two, and maybe do some touristy stuff for the people who’ve never been to the city before. 

thanks! any tips or input would be appreciated!



for a limited time only !! i will draw any character, your ocs, you and ur pet turtle, whatever you want !! extra characters are +$3 each but if u want me 2 draw turtle thats free. 

the style of line and coloring are like shown above with Usagi, colored withlimited pallet, with colored lines. heavily detailed characters might be extra charge. 

$10 bucks is super cheap and i rarely do commissions! if you’re interested, message me in my askbox  or contact me through my paypal email at




it’s pornstache without his pornstache and cornrows without her cornrows



when McGonagall finds out that Ginny is pregnant, and that the Weasley and Potter bloodlines will converge, she marks on her calender the day the child will turn 11 and that is the day she retires 


These are just the right mix of douchy and nerdy I was looking for.