My favourite moment in the series.

#it’s just so awesome to see a young woman surrounded by men who are earnestly interested in her opinion #esp. on *ships* #do you know how often i see women get shut down when they try to join in discussions on cars #but they’re all like #”nah this girl knows her shit” #”let’s talk to her about it” #i mean they SHUT DOWN A GUY ASKING HER TO DANCE BECAUSE SHE’S *TALKING* (via dropkicks)

Is no one going to mention that she is doing all this mechanic speak wearing a frilly pink ball gown? I mean could you slap gender roles any harder in the face?

urls I have just released from my clutches:

elderppoptarts (Book of Mormon ref)
southdownabbey (Firefly ref)
teal-seer (Homestuck ref)
hussnastymode (MSPA/Homestuck ref)
lokisan (Marvel ref)
merlinssaggylefttit (Harry Potter ref)
metalbitch (Starship ref)
teamczarkid (Starkidpotter ref)
thesuckiestjade (Homestuck ref)

I am, of course, keeping the urls lord-thingy, sanguinebending, asnapeshapedhole, and yosaffbridge all to myself. I like my canon urls. muahaha.



wow this firefly haitus is really taking a while isnt it