Hogwarts House Sorting Meme

sweetsummerchild asked: Jorah Mormont from Game of Thrones

"The common people pray for rain, healthy children, and a summer that never ends. It is no matter to them if the high lords play the game of thrones, so long as they are left in peace."

Hogwarts House Sorting meme

sweetsummerchild asked: Irri from Game of Thrones

"Moon is god, woman wife of sun. It is known."

Hogwarts House Sorting meme

cozcats asked: Zoe Washburne from Firefly

"I know it’s a difficult mission, but you and I have to get it on."

"I understand. We have no choice. Take me, sir. Take me hard."

Hogwarts House Sorting meme

anonymous asked: Johanna Barker from Sweeney Todd

"Green finch and linnet bird, nightingale, blackbird,
teach me how to sing.
If I cannot fly,
Let me sing.”

Hogwarts House Sorting meme

anonymous asked: Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice

"Are you too proud, Mr. Darcy? And would you consider pride a fault or a virtue?"

"That I couldn’t say."

"Because we’re doing our best to find a fault in you."

"Maybe it’s that I find it hard to forgive the follies and vices of others, or their offenses against me. My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever."

"Oh, dear, I cannot tease you about that. What a shame, for I dearly love to laugh."

Hogwarts House Sorting meme

anonymous asked: Abed Nadir from Community

"I’m sorry I called you Michael Douglas, and I see your value now."

Hogwarts House Sorting meme

anonymous asked: Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd

"You’re barking mad! Killing a man what done ya no harm!"
"He recognized me from the old days. Tried to blackmail me. Half me earnings."
"Oh, well that’s a different matter then. For a moment there I thought you lost your marbles."

Hogwarts House Sorting meme

voiceofroses asked: James ‘Sawyer’ Ford from Lost

"They just started shooting. Why?"

"Those people were murdered to make you angry, James. So you’d be more likely to come storming in here and throw me through the walls."

"Well, what’s wrong with that? Sounds like a great plan to me."

Hogwarts House Sorting meme

lindseytheslytherinpotioneer asked: Donnie from Donnie Darko

"The rabbit’s not like us. It has no… keen look at something in the mirror, it has no history books, no photographs, no knowledge of sorrow or regret… I mean, I’m sorry, Miss Pommeroy, don’t get me wrong; y’know, I like rabbits and all. They’re cute and they’re horny. And if you’re cute and you’re horny, then you’re probably happy, in that you don’t know who you are and why you’re even alive. And you just wanna’ have sex, as many times as possible, before you die… I mean, I just don’t see the point in crying over a dead rabbit! Y’know, who… who never even feared death to begin with."