thor is a disney princess everyone go home

Conversation I had while at work today.

  1. Me:So what do you want to be for Halloween?
  2. Little Girl:I think I should be Thor.
  3. Her Mother:You know Thor's a boy right?
  4. Little Girl:Yeah and I'm a girl and I want to be Thor.
  5. Her Mother:Don't you want to be something pretty?
  6. Little Girl:Thor is pretty.



Thor’s Mighty Helm

Adorn thyself, Midgardian, with a hat that protects Asgard’s own Thor! Thine head shall be protected from the cold (and Frost Giants!) in this mighty hat that may be machine washed!

Doth thine small Midgardian wish to wear Thor’s helm? It is no problem! Send thou a private message and we may discuss sizes!

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Inspired from that interview where Tom described coming back to ‘Loki’ in the Avengers after three movies post-Thor and giving the Jotun an insanely insensitive greeting.