just so you know, you're beautiful

aw thank you

Weight and scales don't matter. What matters is that you feel comfortable in your own skin. No matter what your "weight" is, what truly matters is that you feel comfortable with yourself :)

thank you bb

working on that.

to kill a mockingbird, scooting finches, friendship bracelets, art, aaaaand i guess the book of mormon bc when i started following you a million blue moons ago you posted quite a bit of it////

turtles, late night cooking, the room across from mine, feta, and spinach.


i’m so glad you think of feta and spinach

yum, at, the, pool, ;/

fuck you

Bracelets, to kill a mocking bird, maggie, theatre, matt's hair. I could keep going but that's 5 so!

omg matt’s hair YES GOOD

Harry Potter, Firefly, STAPLERS, Amore, and creepy otter face.

yes this is a good list

6, 12, 40, 79

6. have you ever dated someone twice?


12. this year have you made a new friend?

yeah actually, i’ve made a ton of new friends! all 3 of my coworkers were either strangers or acquaintances last semester, and now i’m close to all of them plus a big group of friends that i met through my coworker Evan. they’re good people.

40. first piercing?

ears, when i was 8-10

79. who from all your exes have you cared the most about?

hmm. well i know which one i was most emotionally invested in, but i haven’t spoken to him in years and we were never really friends before or after. i dated one of my friends for a short while but i told him it wasn’t going to work because i didn’t ~like him like that~. but we were friends long before that and we were friends after. we don’t talk much anymore but he’s a good person and we still have facebook interactions and stuff. so he’s the most important person to me out of my exes.

Im really drunk but hello!

hey drunk anon! are you having fun tonight?

7, 32, 53

7. have you ever been cheated on?

not to my knowledge, but i highly doubt it.

32. …it says “high school/college” in the THIS YEAR HAVE YOU section.

yes, i college’d this year. 0.o

53. which is better, hugs or kisses?

that’s hard because there are good hugs and bad hugs and good kisses and bad kisses. i guess kisses i like kisses