good quotes from atla:

  • flameo hotman
  • no fire lord ozai, YOURE not wearing pants!


art student aang

inspired by when i tried to do this pose with my own laptop but was insufficiently flexible and thought “i bet aang could do it”

he’s majoring in jewellery design

and using a macbook air (ha AH HA)


my contribution for may the fourth is a mash-up of the star wars original trilogy and avatar the last airbender in the form of posters!! :) there are actually a lot of parallels between the two, as is clear from how minimally the titles can be modified lol

i used the complete atla collections and inspiration from various star wars posters through the ages

also i made a wallpaper version [x] (it’s really beautiful)


quick doodle of my favorite fictional group of friends….. havin a night out on the town