“Recreate any Game/Film/Album cover using ONLY Clipart and Comic Sans”

I went too far bye

it’s frightening how close this one is gomen miyazaki san

music meme! send me a letter and i’ll tell you:

A. my top 5 favorite songs

B. my top 5 favorite bands

C. my top 5 sad songs

D. my top 5 happy songs

E. my top 5 love songs

F. my top 5 songs to listen to when i’m angry

G. my top 5 songs to listen to when i’m studying

H. my top 5 songs to listen to when i’m working out

I. my top 5 sexytimes songs

J. 5 songs i will always sing every word to

K. 5 songs that make me think of my best friend(s)

L. my top 5 songs i like to blast in the car with the windows down and the volume up

M. my top 5 songs i listen to when it’s raining

N. 5 favorite TV show theme songs

O. my top 5 songs to dance shamelessly to

P. my top 5 boy band songs

Q. my top 5 songs covers

R. my top 5 guilty pleasure songs

S. my top 5 bands with a male singer

T. my top 5 bands with a female singer

U. my top 5 music videos

V. my top 5 childhood memory songs

W. my top 5 songs from musicals

X. my top 5 holiday songs

Y. my top 5 commercial jingles

Z. my top 5 instrumental songs




omg you can’t just ask people why they’re ignorant



I always have time for revelations of this scale


I saw a lot of these “I hope Tarrlok” memes

so I decided to make some of my own :D


I think I might have a problem. But I can’t help it! WE’RE TOO PERFECT.